Test Automation Framework (Selenium with Java) — Alchemy or Translating JIRA with Selenide (with Exercises)

Tomasz Buga
10 min readNov 30, 2021

S01E07 of the Test Automation Framework series about everything you’ll need to set up the nice, simple, yet sophisticated framework.

Covered with clear explanations and pretty illustrations.

Sounds like fun? Cool. Now, please, fasten your seatbelts because you’re here for a ride.

S01E01 — What To Automate?

S01E02 — Test Automation Environment and Tools

S01E03 — The First Selenium Test Case

S01E04 — Selenium Foundations Revisited

S01E05 — Page Factory and Elements Related Exceptions

S01E06 — Page Loading Strategies and Waits

S01E08 — JIRA, Selenide, Complex SQL, Java Objects with Equals & HashCode (with Exercises)

S01E09 — Code Review and Refactoring (Part 1)

S01E10 — Code Review and Refactoring (Part 2)

S01E11 — Allure in Action

As you probably noticed so far — Selenium is quite a complex solution. It provides you with everything that is required to successfully automate your browser, hence automating your UI-based Test Cases and even more.

On the other hand — it doesn’t make things easy in terms of the Test Automation Framework’s complexity. That’s why there are a handful of frameworks & libraries that are written with a specific purpose that can enrich and make your Selenium-based Test Automation environment more intuitive and easier to maintain — Selenide, Cucumber, Serenity, Appium to name a few.

In this episode of the Test Automation Framework, we’ll focus on the Selenide which is a Selenium wrapper.

Before we start, I would like you to get familiar with the term Convention over Configuration, which is essentially a software development paradigm that makes our lives better with much less boilerplate code required. Its main flaw is that you have to understand the convention(s) to work efficiently…



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