Test Automation Framework (Selenium with Java) — Genesis or What To Automate?

Tomasz Buga
4 min readOct 13, 2021

S01E01 of the Test Automation Framework series about everything you’ll need to set up the nice, simple, yet sophisticated framework.

Covered with clear explanations and pretty illustrations.

Sounds like fun? Cool. Now, please, fasten your seatbelts because you’re here for a ride.

S01E02 — Test Automation Environment and Tools

S01E03 — The First Selenium Test Case

S01E04 — Selenium Foundations Revisited

S01E05 — Page Factory and Elements Related Exceptions

S01E06 — Page Loading Strategies and Waits

S01E07 — Translating JIRA with Selenide (with Exercises)

S01E08 — JIRA, Selenide, Complex SQL, Java Objects with Equals & HashCode (with Exercises)

S01E09 — Code Review and Refactoring (Part 1)

S01E10 — Code Review and Refactoring (Part 2)

S01E11 — Allure in Action

Test Automation Framework — Genesis hand written on the left side, “Understanding is the key” title on the right side, and “Tomasz Buga software development engineer in tests” logo on the bottom of the page

I could’ve started with the cliché like “today we’re going to cover Selenium & Java test automation framework”. But I don’t want to do that. Don’t get me wrong, eventually, we’re going to cover that part as well, but what I want to pinpoint is that you have to understand why you’re doing tests automation in the first place.

Why do you even test that tenth Angular’s form group this week? You’d probably answer with something like “because I need to be sure it’s not messed up”, or if you’re a little bit more cynical — “because I need the money, man”. And I think there’s nothing wrong with both of those attitudes. But, it’s simply not enough, if you’d want to write tests that represent high Return on Investment (ROI).

ISTQB Test Automation Engineer syllabus provides useful tips on what to consider before automate-everything-frenzy.

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