shortz: How to Create Subfolders in Your GitHub Repository

Tomasz Buga
2 min readOct 26, 2021

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Why would you want to create subfolders in your GitHub repository in the first place?

My answer is the monorepo.

I’ve encountered this issue recently when I was trying to create a monorepo for the app built with Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, and Angular. I had two separate GitHub repositories — one with a backend, and the second one with a frontend part of the application.

I wanted to use those codebases for my Test Automation Framework series, but since it’s not related to the Spring/Angular development, I wanted to make the setup, as quick as possible, for the people that would like to learn Test Automation from scratch.

Docker-compose was my go-to solution. A couple of hours later I had everything working like a charm. Sadly — I couldn’t make git commit with backend & frontend directories, as they were recognized as separate Git repositories.

Quick Google-fu & StackOverflow came to the rescue — as always.

The guide I’m going to write down below is based on the most upvoted answer in this thread provided by the users: softvar & Peter Mortensen

How to create subfolders in your GitHub repository?

Important: To create a new subfolder there has to be at least one file within that subfolder (it’s related to the Git design)

Video tutorial ripoff from the StackOverflow’s thread, so that no one can accuse me of not creating original content, lol
  1. Go to the repository on your GitHub page, where you’d like to create a subfolder
  2. Click on the Add File > Create new File
  3. In the filename input field type folder name and follow it by “/” sign to create a new subfolder. You can use “../” to go up by one folder, and backspace enables you to edit the parent folder’s name

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