shortz: How to Create Subfolders in Your GitHub Repository

Tomasz Buga
2 min readOct 26, 2021

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Why would you want to create subfolders in your GitHub repository in the first place?

My answer is the monorepo.

I’ve encountered this issue recently when I was trying to create a monorepo for the app built with Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, and Angular. I had two separate GitHub repositories — one with a backend, and the second one with a frontend part of the application.

I wanted to use those codebases for my Test Automation Framework series, but since it’s not related to the Spring/Angular development, I wanted to make the setup, as quick as possible, for the people that would like to learn Test Automation from scratch.

Docker-compose was my go-to solution. A couple of hours later I had everything working like a charm. Sadly — I couldn’t make git commit with backend & frontend directories, as they were recognized as separate Git repositories.

Quick Google-fu & StackOverflow came to the rescue — as always.



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